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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Blogger Which is 10 yrs old now

Image courtsy

Blogger has turned 10 yrs old on 11th september 2009.Sorry I am late to wish you.But accidentally I came across your blog from which I came to know that on 11/9/2009 blogger has turned 10 so how can I forget to wish it as it is the main hosting fellow of mine and providing me the background to put myself before the world.

As a gift on it's 10th birthday blogger has introduced some cool features like

Add Event ,Friend Connect , Read More,label cloud,donation by for charity,new google app for ipod by blogpress a version called blogpress lite
I am utilising friend connect and add event and started using read more feature from here itself.
You can check the abstract of google feature over here
article courtsy

Do you have an event you'd like to invite your readers to? Thanks to Blogger Gadgets, this is now a piece of cake. Click the Customize link in the toolbar, and go to the Layout tab. There, you'll see the Add a Gadget link. The Event Gadget is currently one of the featured gadgets, or you can add it directly by clicking "add your own" and entering the URL You'll then be taken to a configuration page that lets you enter information about your event. Once you click Save, it will be visible on your blog for everyone to see.

The gadget allows your readers to indicate whether they are going to attend the event, and lets them see which of their FriendConnect friends will be there too. In addition, anyone with a Google Calendar account can simply click a link to have that event added to their Google Calendar.

You can add multiple events to your blog as long as you give each one a different title or ID, and we'll keep track of who's attending which one.

This is one of many features announced as part of Blogger's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ganesh Visarjan Festival celebration in ahmedabad,India

These are the photos and video of ganesh utsav and visarjan which is celebrated every year in india.We are sharring with you so that indians and others all over the world can take part in the charm of this festival.Have darshan of the great god ganesha who is supposed to be adored first all the gods in worship as per promise of lord shiva the father of ganesha.Ganesha is supposed to the diety who is responsible for cutting off your sins,removes obstacle to your progress.Any work which is started new is started with the name of ganesha .Ganesha is also considered to be the most powerfull and intelligent god among all the dieties.
Here is the video example of his cleverness.
In this event what happened is that when there was a compettion for making world tour and the winner of compettion would be awarded with 2 girls riddhi and siddhi means they would have to marry the winner.
This compettion was between kartikiya and ganesha.
Ganesha was having only rat as his vehicle and kartikiya was having garuda as his vehicle so kartikiya was very happy that he would easily win by making 7 trips of the world with garuda .
Ganesha was very intelligent person he very well knew that he would never be able to make the trip of world faster than kartikiya so he just took 7 trips of his parents lord shiva and mata parvati by explaining that whole world is existing due to them so if he took trip of them ,then it will eb considered as world trip and thus he took 7 trips of his parents and won the compettion and then became husband of 2 wives riddhi and siddhi.
So enjoy this video