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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy birthday to my loving father on his 68th birthday.Today he has turned 69

So today I complete 1 full year of blogging from this site .Wish Happy birthday

This blog was started just on the same day before 1 year on my father's birthday when I had idea to wish my father online and thought why not all the world be able to wish their loved ones on the occasion of birthday of their beloved ones.

My father is still young and energetic then ever and is able to do more physical and mental work than both of us.He is very much healthy and even more caring than ever.He always wants to help others and protect his children in each and every way he can. Yes at the age of our 30's we are still his children and as young as we were born so he keeps a good eye on us and helps whenever we are in need of help.We never have to ask for his help he is always ready to help us and make our future more brighter than ever.