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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recieved First payment from adgitize:payment proof

Adgitize just sent you money with PayPal.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy birthday to my loving father on his 68th birthday.Today he has turned 69

So today I complete 1 full year of blogging from this site .Wish Happy birthday

This blog was started just on the same day before 1 year on my father's birthday when I had idea to wish my father online and thought why not all the world be able to wish their loved ones on the occasion of birthday of their beloved ones.

My father is still young and energetic then ever and is able to do more physical and mental work than both of us.He is very much healthy and even more caring than ever.He always wants to help others and protect his children in each and every way he can. Yes at the age of our 30's we are still his children and as young as we were born so he keeps a good eye on us and helps whenever we are in need of help.We never have to ask for his help he is always ready to help us and make our future more brighter than ever.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Blogger Which is 10 yrs old now

Image courtsy

Blogger has turned 10 yrs old on 11th september 2009.Sorry I am late to wish you.But accidentally I came across your blog from which I came to know that on 11/9/2009 blogger has turned 10 so how can I forget to wish it as it is the main hosting fellow of mine and providing me the background to put myself before the world.

As a gift on it's 10th birthday blogger has introduced some cool features like

Add Event ,Friend Connect , Read More,label cloud,donation by for charity,new google app for ipod by blogpress a version called blogpress lite
I am utilising friend connect and add event and started using read more feature from here itself.
You can check the abstract of google feature over here
article courtsy

Do you have an event you'd like to invite your readers to? Thanks to Blogger Gadgets, this is now a piece of cake. Click the Customize link in the toolbar, and go to the Layout tab. There, you'll see the Add a Gadget link. The Event Gadget is currently one of the featured gadgets, or you can add it directly by clicking "add your own" and entering the URL You'll then be taken to a configuration page that lets you enter information about your event. Once you click Save, it will be visible on your blog for everyone to see.

The gadget allows your readers to indicate whether they are going to attend the event, and lets them see which of their FriendConnect friends will be there too. In addition, anyone with a Google Calendar account can simply click a link to have that event added to their Google Calendar.

You can add multiple events to your blog as long as you give each one a different title or ID, and we'll keep track of who's attending which one.

This is one of many features announced as part of Blogger's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ganesh Visarjan Festival celebration in ahmedabad,India

These are the photos and video of ganesh utsav and visarjan which is celebrated every year in india.We are sharring with you so that indians and others all over the world can take part in the charm of this festival.Have darshan of the great god ganesha who is supposed to be adored first all the gods in worship as per promise of lord shiva the father of ganesha.Ganesha is supposed to the diety who is responsible for cutting off your sins,removes obstacle to your progress.Any work which is started new is started with the name of ganesha .Ganesha is also considered to be the most powerfull and intelligent god among all the dieties.
Here is the video example of his cleverness.
In this event what happened is that when there was a compettion for making world tour and the winner of compettion would be awarded with 2 girls riddhi and siddhi means they would have to marry the winner.
This compettion was between kartikiya and ganesha.
Ganesha was having only rat as his vehicle and kartikiya was having garuda as his vehicle so kartikiya was very happy that he would easily win by making 7 trips of the world with garuda .
Ganesha was very intelligent person he very well knew that he would never be able to make the trip of world faster than kartikiya so he just took 7 trips of his parents lord shiva and mata parvati by explaining that whole world is existing due to them so if he took trip of them ,then it will eb considered as world trip and thus he took 7 trips of his parents and won the compettion and then became husband of 2 wives riddhi and siddhi.
So enjoy this video

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to telescope on its 400th birthday

Today while surfing I found google doodle
and came to know that today was the day 400 yrs back when scientist named galelio invented telescope and made a new landmark in the history by its invention and opened new dimensions for study of space from earth for the first time in the world.So for supporting his achievement I have added this google doodle to my blog because I always loved new inventions and discoveries.

Have you ever imagined woman roaming around you bare chested

On 23/8/2009 woman's organisation celebrated gotopless day and women in a group were roaming around the city with bare chest ,ya they were totally topless nothing either in front or back.They used nipple caps which resembled nipples itself and had hidden their nipples in that manner.Whatmore there is one organisation existing in this world which has its branches mostly all over the world which does movement for equality between man and woman since years .
This organisation is named an online motion which has its physical branches all over the world.
See the wordings of founder of this organisation

Maitreya, Rael, spiritual leader and founder of states: "as long as men can be topless, constitutionally women should have the same right, or men should also be forced to wear something hiding their chest."
Rael had nice idea and she had clear concept that woman should be given equal importance and as men are aquainted to see woman in mini skirts they should be in topless manner so that woman also can become free and enjoy the world as man do.

Woman all over the world are fighting for equality between man and woman .I know that equality is needed but the way this organisation is doing we have to think about is it fair to do so.Men would never mind woman going bare chested may be they would like it but that could cause negetive effect on minds of man it may lead to sexual assaults may shoot up.Although we know that woman have the right to be bare chested ,but another factor is also there that breast is one of the part of female's body which causes sexual arousal in men and so it could lead to sexual assualts .

Thinking another way as woman are habituated to see man bare chested and they do not feel so much of excitement on looking them bare chested similarly it is possible that in future if they start looking females bare chested for longer period then they would not have any sexual excitement and would take it for granted.

Here I remember the verse of william shakespeare " A thing of beauty is half conealed and half exposed".means beauty is beauty only until it is covered if it is exposed then it does not have that much impact I would explain if somewhat elaberatly ,due to bare chested woman man would not have interest in woman and that would decrease the demand of woman or opposite sex atraction by man for woman will diminish and may be that would extinct also so there are chances that woman would feel neglected.

Here I would like to quote an example:Think of a couple who is having excessive love for each other.they are sharring all their belongings and usables which they have ,even their ideas.They have so much of afffection for each other .All these things are preserved and are upto high altitude untill they did not have sex .Once they have sex and of they are getting it regular before marriage then their attraction will go on decreasing and afterwards if they marry they are in a situation where they even are not in postion to determine whether they are made for each other or not and they start looking for drawbacks of each other and other deficeincies .Thus as opposite poles attract and similar poles repel as per the law of magnetism ,there should be some difference between man and woman then only woman will enjoy it .

Check out for the site and more information and photographs over here Beach)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cat nora playing piano philadelphia:the only cat who plays piano

This is very nice video of cat nora who belongs to philadelphia who is well versed in playing piano so I thought I should share this thing with you all.Enjoy it

Visit their official site for more videos of this smart cat

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Independent India:Happy Independence day

Well Today is independence day of India On 15th August 1947 India became independent from the rule of Britishers who reighned over India for about 200 yrs.From that day Independence day is celebrated all over the India on 15th august every year.This is the day on which India became independent and the first priminister hoisted the flag (Indian National Flag).
Image courtsey

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wish You Happy Birthday And Many Many Happy Returns of the day to Lord Krishna

Today is birthday of lord krishna .His birthday is celebrated all over the world as janmashtami.Since childhood krishna was very naughty and used to haress his mother and all the gopies of vrundavan .He was also known as makhan chor ( curd stealer).He has several names ranchod,kanha,kaniaya,nandlal,etc.He was very powerful since birth and when in his childhood he ate the mudd and his mother saw him eating mudd she shouted at him and told him to open his mouth so that he could remove the mudd from his mouth ,but she was absolutely shocked when she saw whole universe in his mouth and understood that he was not the simple guy and was some unusually powerfull person.
In gujarat we celebrate janmashtami with great enthusiasm and also all over the India and ISKCON branches all over the world and where the Indian live they all do not sleep upto 24:00 pm on this day as lord krishna was born at exactly 00:00 am and that too in jail .He lifted whole mountain on his little finger when there was heavy rain in his town and protected his village people when he was a child.There are many such incidents in which he proved hinself as a super power and helped people in many ways.He was also very shrewd who used to convince any person according to his wish by his tactical mind.This great sole recieved a curse from gandhari as he betrayed her for saving Arjuna and to kill duryodhana, and so he was killed by a bowman who had hit the arrow in his foot and this great sole departed .

ISKCON is very famous all over the world and it stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I was wondering why entrecard was not giving points for new blog posting , but here is the answer

credits for blog post
Hi everyone,

There was a bug in our software regarding the credits given for blog post so it is temporary disabled until further notice. The bug benefited most of our users because it gave many users extra credits to their account. Instead of taking the credits back, it will be disabled until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Friday, July 3, 2009

What an accident? Have you ever seen such an accident?

What you are thinking by looking at these pictures no nothing happenned to me .This accident was met by some other unknown persons who were riding in car in the early morning near ambapur in gandhinagar ,gujarat India and met the accident.Well this car did not stuck with anybody but somehow driver lost the balance and car just trailed down the road and had banged with three trees and pulled two of them down and was stopped by the third one .
You can see the hanging car with it's rear wheel base hanging in air and front portion banged with the tree and in the depth of ground.
What was your first impression when you saw these pictures .You might be thinking that nobody might have survived in this car isn't it,but to everybody's surprise passengers including driver were only injured and still everybody is live.
Fortunately I did not met this accident but, I had another type of accident ( did I say accident ) means I had suffered from untrodden incident with reliance net connect and my internet connection was stopped due to some technical reason and was not able to surf for these many days now they have updated the system and assured me that from now onwards I would not suffer from any such incident and will be able to use the services un-interruppted .So here I am back with new ones .Enjoy blogging and for entrecarders now I will start dropping so continue your support.observe this video also and try to find out how this car might have met an accident.

Add Image

Monday, June 29, 2009

Now you do not need to advertise your blog just adgitize

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wishing father's Day to my loving and Caring Father

How can I forget my father on this special occasion of father's day.He has always been my ideal and will use to be.He is very loving,caring,gentle and emotional selfless person.

This site has been devoted to my father and it started with my father's birthday so I have reposted my first post over here.

Today is my father's birthday .Yes 14/10/1941 was the birthday of my father Mr Harshadray Jagjivandas Parmar.Who is now retired Asst.Apprentice Advisor from ITI gandhinagar ,Gujarat,India.
This is my first post in this blog devoted to my father
He had devoted his whole life for the community while serving in ITI gandhinagar.Still I remember that whenever I go with him to gandhinagar Everybody greets him and whatsoever appoach we take there might be atleat one person who knows him.I have so much respect for my father.He used to teach in ITI and was supposed to be a very strict and discliplined teacher and so when so ever any old student meets him accidentally he/she literally bows down as if he was a god and at that time I feel the respect for teacher .I would here like to clear that those person who bow down to him are mostly outline students who were very mischivious and rude and vulgar and many adjectuives to be added who were taught a lesson by my father and then thier life changed and they really worshiped my father.
He had changed lives of many people as I mentioned earlier in above phrase,but also he had helped many poor students by paying their fees with no intention to get it back ,but generally they are so much of ardent character that they pay back to my father as soon as they get that much amount .Nevertheless my father did not ask for it anytime during the life.
He is so much generous and sensitive that he even helps dogs and other animals in all modes he can.He has helped many people to get good jobs and above that with his advise there are many persons who have become millionarres.
Inspite of having all the above characteristics he is very down to earth personality and also has respect to others.

Just yesterday we went to His Head office for some personel purpose and at that time he had visited that office after complete 10 yrs from retirement ,but to my surprise everybody welcomed him with warm regards and what a pleasant welcome he recieved .I was flattered with this type of welcome from others.
I do not know how much he enjoyed this ,but I was very very happy and wished that I should become his child for years and years and years.

If I go on writing regarding my father then pages and pages will be filled ,but I have started this forum for others not for myself so I would cut it short and end it by these words

Happy Birthday to my dear father.Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day .

from your loving child
This is the ecard which I have sent to my father
E Card
You can also send such a card by this link after editing it

E Card for you

Now this forum is open for anybody who wish to wish their loved ones birthday through this forum,thanks

If you want to wish anybody through this medium then you can

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This the non-traditional emergency post from me after I read on regarding entrecard .I was to post a detailed explanation on how my blog emerged from zero to in top 1 lac in alexa ranking with entrecard ,but when I got to know about rumuors about entrecard I could not stop myself publishing this post as an energency rescue post for entrecard as I am devoted to entrecard with its policies and methods.

I am going to publish all the detailed information about upliftment of my blogs through entrecard in near future when my blog is within top 1 lac in alexa ranking.

I am completely satisfied with entrecard and I am also approving mostly all the paid adds , because they also need some revenue to run such a fabulous programme.
Regarding approval or rejection of blog I would say I have seen blogs from all over the world which includes asia,africa,US,UK,australia etc so where is racism?
Graham is selecting blogs based on quality and not based on the race or colour or any other thing.

They have mentioned their norms in their terms and conditions and they strictly adhere to them .Even I faced rejection for 2 of my blogs and then also I do not have any complaints for it.

I have my 3 running blogs in entrecard you can check them and try to stick to the rules they have made you will never face any such trouble.

You must understand that you cannot run anything without finance so they also need to have some money and I think there is nothing wrong if they display adds on your blog when you get so much of traffic from them.

I think as per today entrecard is the only free service which gives you genuine traffic though it has somewhat higher bounce rate but it depends on you how you attract the visitor who comes to your blog just once for a glance and dropping.

check out my blogs and you would be happy to support entrecard.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy birthday to these loving puppies

Happy birthday to these loving puppies as they have turned 1 yr today .How sweet and yummy they look .This photo was taken when they were 10 days of age.

Happy birthday to these loving puppies

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day: Hurray Our photo was selected to be displayed in mother's day gallery part 1

Ya It is true that today our photograph with our mother was selected to be displayed on Mother's Day gallery Organised by local news paper divyabhaskar in ahmedabad at himalaya mall.This was the place where several photos with message were displayed and we are proud to say that one photo among them was our's Please have a glance at it .

These are the original photographs which were displayed after scanning on the mother's day gallery .

Also check videos related to this gallery.This video is taken by china mobile s22 by me on the occasion of mother's day at mother's day gallery organised at himalaya mall in ahmedabad by divyabhaskar

Also check out another videos of other selected photographs.
Thanks for all of yours patronage to this blog.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to my loving mother

Today is my mother's birthday .This great lady was born on 8-2-1944 just before 3 yrs of india's independence.She was the smallest child in her family and so was well pampered child.Today also she is like a child means she is emotional has feelings for others and also gets easily annoyed by any sort of untrodden event.She has been protected throughout her life by my father who is supposed to be of caring nature.My mother's name is kailasben harshadray parmar who retired as school teacher from primary school in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in May 2002 .As always Guru is considered to be at the highest level as is depicted in sanskrit slokas in Indian history.My mother is considered to the main source for creating great individuals .As she was teaching in primary section she is considered to be the person who prepares for the foundation .If foundation is strong then huge structures could be built up on that foundation so you can understand the importance of this personality .I need not mention here that our foundation was also laid by this great personlity and so we are what we would not have been without her sacrifice and dedication to us.
During her tenure as school teacher she had helped many school children in each and every manner she could help.She is very calm and quiet personlity usually and does not get angry.Actually she is more a friend or comerade for than our mother .She is very loving ,selfless,polite,and also humerous.We do not forget her harshness to us when we made amy mistake ,but that was for our goodness and then she used to repent for that and loved us more than ever ,which made us forget all that what had happened with us .
She has very nice feature of reamining neutral means neutral towards the happenning around the world .She is able to manage any sort of sudden incident in very humble manner and does not panic regarding any matter.
We dedicate our success to this great lady due to whose efforts we are able to achieve such a status in society and are living with great ease.We are so much honoured when somebody bows down to her and says" maam I was your student, and am doing very well now ."
We love our mother very much and wish her happy birthday and many many happy returns of this day.

This is e-card for you mumma please open it and see


anisha ,jignesh

E Card for you

This forum is open for anybody who wish to wish their loved ones birthday through this forum,thanks

If you want to wish anybody through this medium then you can

contact us

Please give us atleast 48 hrs. for confirm entry in this site.If you need emergency entry you may call on +91 9898440880 or 9427701592 (Mr Jignesh)and it will be added in this site.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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