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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Entrecard the ultimate source of genuine traffic and not fraud clicks

This the non-traditional emergency post from me after I read on regarding entrecard .I was to post a detailed explanation on how my blog emerged from zero to in top 1 lac in alexa ranking with entrecard ,but when I got to know about rumuors about entrecard I could not stop myself publishing this post as an energency rescue post for entrecard as I am devoted to entrecard with its policies and methods.

I am going to publish all the detailed information about upliftment of my blogs through entrecard in near future when my blog is within top 1 lac in alexa ranking.

I am completely satisfied with entrecard and I am also approving mostly all the paid adds , because they also need some revenue to run such a fabulous programme.
Regarding approval or rejection of blog I would say I have seen blogs from all over the world which includes asia,africa,US,UK,australia etc so where is racism?
Graham is selecting blogs based on quality and not based on the race or colour or any other thing.

They have mentioned their norms in their terms and conditions and they strictly adhere to them .Even I faced rejection for 2 of my blogs and then also I do not have any complaints for it.

I have my 3 running blogs in entrecard you can check them and try to stick to the rules they have made you will never face any such trouble.

You must understand that you cannot run anything without finance so they also need to have some money and I think there is nothing wrong if they display adds on your blog when you get so much of traffic from them.

I think as per today entrecard is the only free service which gives you genuine traffic though it has somewhat higher bounce rate but it depends on you how you attract the visitor who comes to your blog just once for a glance and dropping.

check out my blogs and you would be happy to support entrecard.

My first blog which used to be an unknown blog has been ranked within 3 lac alexa ranking within a short span of 2 months without spending a single penny and if I use cashout for which I have been already approved I would earn money and gain traffic.

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