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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wishing father's Day to my loving and Caring Father

How can I forget my father on this special occasion of father's day.He has always been my ideal and will use to be.He is very loving,caring,gentle and emotional selfless person.

This site has been devoted to my father and it started with my father's birthday so I have reposted my first post over here.

Today is my father's birthday .Yes 14/10/1941 was the birthday of my father Mr Harshadray Jagjivandas Parmar.Who is now retired Asst.Apprentice Advisor from ITI gandhinagar ,Gujarat,India.
This is my first post in this blog devoted to my father
He had devoted his whole life for the community while serving in ITI gandhinagar.Still I remember that whenever I go with him to gandhinagar Everybody greets him and whatsoever appoach we take there might be atleat one person who knows him.I have so much respect for my father.He used to teach in ITI and was supposed to be a very strict and discliplined teacher and so when so ever any old student meets him accidentally he/she literally bows down as if he was a god and at that time I feel the respect for teacher .I would here like to clear that those person who bow down to him are mostly outline students who were very mischivious and rude and vulgar and many adjectuives to be added who were taught a lesson by my father and then thier life changed and they really worshiped my father.
He had changed lives of many people as I mentioned earlier in above phrase,but also he had helped many poor students by paying their fees with no intention to get it back ,but generally they are so much of ardent character that they pay back to my father as soon as they get that much amount .Nevertheless my father did not ask for it anytime during the life.
He is so much generous and sensitive that he even helps dogs and other animals in all modes he can.He has helped many people to get good jobs and above that with his advise there are many persons who have become millionarres.
Inspite of having all the above characteristics he is very down to earth personality and also has respect to others.

Just yesterday we went to His Head office for some personel purpose and at that time he had visited that office after complete 10 yrs from retirement ,but to my surprise everybody welcomed him with warm regards and what a pleasant welcome he recieved .I was flattered with this type of welcome from others.
I do not know how much he enjoyed this ,but I was very very happy and wished that I should become his child for years and years and years.

If I go on writing regarding my father then pages and pages will be filled ,but I have started this forum for others not for myself so I would cut it short and end it by these words

Happy Birthday to my dear father.Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day .

from your loving child
This is the ecard which I have sent to my father
E Card
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