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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have you ever imagined woman roaming around you bare chested

On 23/8/2009 woman's organisation celebrated gotopless day and women in a group were roaming around the city with bare chest ,ya they were totally topless nothing either in front or back.They used nipple caps which resembled nipples itself and had hidden their nipples in that manner.Whatmore there is one organisation existing in this world which has its branches mostly all over the world which does movement for equality between man and woman since years .
This organisation is named an online motion which has its physical branches all over the world.
See the wordings of founder of this organisation

Maitreya, Rael, spiritual leader and founder of states: "as long as men can be topless, constitutionally women should have the same right, or men should also be forced to wear something hiding their chest."
Rael had nice idea and she had clear concept that woman should be given equal importance and as men are aquainted to see woman in mini skirts they should be in topless manner so that woman also can become free and enjoy the world as man do.

Woman all over the world are fighting for equality between man and woman .I know that equality is needed but the way this organisation is doing we have to think about is it fair to do so.Men would never mind woman going bare chested may be they would like it but that could cause negetive effect on minds of man it may lead to sexual assaults may shoot up.Although we know that woman have the right to be bare chested ,but another factor is also there that breast is one of the part of female's body which causes sexual arousal in men and so it could lead to sexual assualts .

Thinking another way as woman are habituated to see man bare chested and they do not feel so much of excitement on looking them bare chested similarly it is possible that in future if they start looking females bare chested for longer period then they would not have any sexual excitement and would take it for granted.

Here I remember the verse of william shakespeare " A thing of beauty is half conealed and half exposed".means beauty is beauty only until it is covered if it is exposed then it does not have that much impact I would explain if somewhat elaberatly ,due to bare chested woman man would not have interest in woman and that would decrease the demand of woman or opposite sex atraction by man for woman will diminish and may be that would extinct also so there are chances that woman would feel neglected.

Here I would like to quote an example:Think of a couple who is having excessive love for each other.they are sharring all their belongings and usables which they have ,even their ideas.They have so much of afffection for each other .All these things are preserved and are upto high altitude untill they did not have sex .Once they have sex and of they are getting it regular before marriage then their attraction will go on decreasing and afterwards if they marry they are in a situation where they even are not in postion to determine whether they are made for each other or not and they start looking for drawbacks of each other and other deficeincies .Thus as opposite poles attract and similar poles repel as per the law of magnetism ,there should be some difference between man and woman then only woman will enjoy it .

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