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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to my dearest and loving sister:dr anisha parmar

This was the day for which I was waiting for ya todays is birthday of my loving sister or my first love.She was born on 7-12-1973 and that day was supposed to be the reverse turn in my family though I was not existing during that time ,but my parents say that this girl came with fortune and removed all the obstacles from their path and its true fact yes my father who was on temporary government job, which was confirmed after her birth and my mother also got nice job in municipal corporation as a primary school teacher ,both after her birth.This was the main positive effect which came after my sister's birth.

Now why she is most important person for me .For that would only say that I cannot live without her because she is a part of my life and I really worship her though I am the first person who quarrels with her and who has highest records of fights with her ,but the truth is that I can't live without her .

Now why I have such an attachment there is specific reason for that also.Since childhood I used to stay with her and was in the same school where she used to be .We used to play games in group and she always accompanied me or rather I enjoyed with her as she always used to protect me in everyway she could and was always helping me in each and every manner she could .Even today she can be considered as my guide and philosopher.

Yes she is non less than a philospher She has graduated from Akhand Anand Ayurvedic College ,Ahmedabad. and University of international repute Jamnagar and is working as successful ayurvedic practioner since 9 yrs.

She is very very innocent and has love for others .She is very much affectionate and has mercy for others.

What to say about her company if she is with me I feel that there is always somebody who is caring for me and I am always completely relaxed because I need not worry for anything in her presence as she can manage everything about anything.I don't see any fear or anxiety in her she can just manage everything and that too with full efficiency.

About her academic talent she used to intelligent girl who always ranked in top ten and helped her fellow classmates so it is understood that she would always help me in studies also.She used to be favourite student of her professors and still they have respect for her.

She is so caring that she cannot see a single tear in my eyes infact I have not faced such a situation in her presence uptil now and there are many occasions when she has shed tears for me.You can say in other words she is so loving that nobody can love me more than her .I always like to tease her as I am her younger brother and it had become my habit to do so.

I don't know what you call love ?but I know onething that if you want to know it you better know from her.

I have understood the meaning of love from her the eternal ,immortal,unprejudised,selfless,and so on and on and on and on there is no end to it you can have a large list of this but space is not enough for it .
She is not a total professional person also she has served many poor patients without charging any fees even for medicines which in ayurveda are very costly.This amount she spends from her own pocket and not from any sort of donations.
Forget and forgive is her principle in life .She never remember anybody bad event in her life and has tendency to forgive everybody including me for my long list of mistakes.
Well there is endless story for describing her potentials ,but due to limit of space I will have to stop here with these words.

"I live for you and I would die for you."

"Happy Birthday to my loving loving loving and caring dear dear sister dr anisha
Happy Bithday and Many many many happy returns of the day. "
your one and only one loving brother ,who still loves you same and foreever ,
Always your's

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